COVID-19 Week 4 Updates

COVID-19 Week 4 Updates

We are in week 4 of our COVID-19 watch and it feels a little like eternity.   We have been blessed to only have a couple near misses to date.  As we expect the virus to peak in the next 2 weeks so we are being extra vigilant in our efforts to keep everyone safe.  All staff have been wearing surgical masks from the time we walk into the building until we leave.   Several of our residents have also chosen to wear masks as an additional layer of protection.

The sunshine and warmer days brings many of our residents outside.  Recreations have held some of their activities in the fresh air.  It seems to lift everyone’s spirits.

Last week should have been the opening home game for the Red Sox.  We didn’t allow a pandemic to dampen our Boston Pride.  Staff and residents wore Red Sox apparel and ate our fill of popcorn, Cracker Jacks and had plenty to drink.  We even found a “play off” game from the past and watched it on the community TV.

It is looking more like Easter at the Oxford with the decorations and crafts the residents are making and sitting around the building.  We even have our own Eater Bunny named “Cuddles”.   His cage in hallway by the library seems to be a daily stop for many of our residents.  Cuddles gets a lot of love and food.  Even the residents are commenting how large he has grown.

We are seeing a higher volume than usual of packages and letters.  This is great!!   Please keep them coming.  Easter will be hard for all of us as we are unable to celebrate as we have been accustomed.  It is even harder for our residents .  Your cards and letters are so important.

Don’t forget to set up a time with Alexis to talk to your loved one via Skype.

Have a blessed Easter,


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