COVID-19: Family Update

COVID-19: Family Update



I want to keep you informed about what we are doing here at the Oxford to keep your loved ones protected against the Corona Virus.

  • As staff enter the building at the start of each shift, they are asked a series of questions related to their activities outside the building, have their temperature and oxygen levels taken.
  • All vendors who must come into the building, go thru the same protocol and in addition must sanitize their hands and where a mask the whole time they are in the building.
  • All other vendors are asked to leave their deliveries at the front door and are not allowed to enter the lobby.
  • We have added more security guards giving us 27/7 building security.
  • On top of our regular daily cleaning schedule, we have added 4 additional sanitizing cleanings to all the high touch areas in the building.
  • We discontinued large gathering activities and replaced them with smaller groups where we can practice social distancing.
  • We have created an isolation area where we can move residents who exhibit potential symptoms until they are cleared to return to their room. Roommates would shelter in place and closely monitored. (Fortunately, we have not had anyone, including staff, present with any symptoms.)
  • We have a very strict policy and screening process for our new admissions, and we are NOT admitting anyone with the virus.
  • We are educating our staff about the virus and the best practices for keeping themselves and your loved ones healthy.


We are working to keep our residents occupied with meaningful activities.

  • We are bringing in additional staff just to visit with the residents and spend one to one time with them.
  • We are using skype and zoom to have them visit with family. This is working well, and I encourage you to call the building and set up a time with Alexa to visit with your loved one via skype or schedule a phone conversation.
  • We are sitting with residents and helping them write letters.
  • We are keeping smaller group activities going.


We started early stocking up on needed supplies and working to ensure that we have enough protective supplies.  Our supply is not unlimited, but we currently have what we need. Please keep the letters and pictures coming.  It brightens their day to get mail and to put pictures on the wall.

We are planning for several more weeks of this new schedule.  Please do what you can to reach out and let them know that you care about them. Keep us all in your prayers and don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.




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